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Heading: "Adamczewski, Joanna (Polish). Ksiazka i co Dalej: Exhibition Catalogue. " Catalog Number: 26736

Heading: "Armstrong, Sara Garden (American). Airplayer XII: Kinetic Sound Sculpture: Exhibition Announcement. " Catalog Number: 25977

Heading: "Armstrong, Sara Garden (American). Airplayers. " Catalog Number: 24735

Heading: "Audio Visual Experimental Festival 1989: Catalogue. " Catalog Number: 24695

Heading: "Beauty in Breathing, The: Exhibition Catalogue. " Catalog Number: 23815

Heading: "Broadview Collective (Canadian). Exhibition Catalogue. " Catalog Number: 34013

Heading: "Danon, Betty (Italian). Pages and Forgotten and Not. " Catalog Number: 34062

Heading: "Drawing in Space: Exhibition Catalogue. " Catalog Number: 44857

Heading: "Generator. No.12. [John Byrum --Jesse Glass Jr --Editors (American)]. " Catalog Number: 44787

Heading: "Heimbach, Paul (German). Bucher und Klangobjekte: Exhibition Announcement. " Catalog Number: 9386

Heading: "ICA Bulletin. No.170/Jun. " Catalog Number: 43848

Heading: "Kostelanetz, Richard (American). Radio Writings. " Catalog Number: 34754

Heading: "Kostelanetz, Richard\Editor (American). Dictionary of the Avant Gardes. " Catalog Number: 44731

Heading: "Kostelanetz, Richard\Editor (American). Dictionary of the Avant Gardes 2nd Edition. " Catalog Number: 37132

Heading: "Licht, Alan (American). Sound Art: Beyond Music Betwen Categories. " Catalog Number: 68525

Heading: "Malik, Axel George (German). Exhibition Catalogue. " Catalog Number: 42891

Heading: "Morgan, Robert C. (American). Commentaries on the New Media Arts: Fluxus & Conceptual Art, Artists' Books, Correspondence Art, Audio & Video Art. " Catalog Number: 6427

Heading: "Rose, Peter (American). Siren: Exhibition Announcement. " Catalog Number: 3328

Heading: "Rothenberg, Jerome\Editor --Clay, Steven\Editor (American). A Book of the Book. " Catalog Number: 36375

Heading: "Sacharow-Ross, Igor (German). Apotropikon: Exhibition Announcement. " Catalog Number: 2175

Heading: "Schafer, R. Murray (Canadian). The Soundscape. " Catalog Number: 46259

Heading: "Sublette, Ned (American). Embarbussaments for Four Speaking Voices. " Catalog Number: 34031

Heading: "Trio Exvoco (German). Announcement. " Catalog Number: 1189

Heading: "Trio Exvoco (German). 3. Sonderkonzert Des Gve: Announcement. " Catalog Number: 1190

Heading: "Umbrella. Vol.26. No.3-4/Dec. [Judith Hoffberg --Editor (American)]. " Catalog Number: 43866


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