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Heading: " " Catalog Number: 0

Heading: "Allen, Blair H. (American). Tele-Visual Po-Ums For Bloodshot Eye Balls. " Catalog Number: 69188

Heading: "Altemus, Reed (American). [Concrete Poetry Progression to Asemic Writing]. " Catalog Number: 74377

Heading: "And, Miekal\Editor (American). Anthology Spidertangle. " Catalog Number: 71230

Heading: "Asemic magazine. Vol.1. No.1. [Tim Gaze --Editor (Australian)]. " Catalog Number: 43402

Heading: "Asemic magazine. Vol.1. No.2. [Tim Gaze --Editor (Australian)]. " Catalog Number: 43403

Heading: "Asemic magazine. Vol.2. No.1. [Tim Gaze --Editor (Australian)]. " Catalog Number: 43404

Heading: "Asemic magazine. Vol.2. No.1. [Tim Gaze --Editor (Australian): premix]. " Catalog Number: 44520

Heading: "Asemic magazine. No.3. [Tim Gaze --Editor (Australian)]. " Catalog Number: 43081

Heading: "Balestrini, Nanni\Editor --Caselli, Paolo\Editor (Italian). Poesie Dell'Inizio del Mondo: Premio Antonio Delfini 2009. " Catalog Number: 71263

Heading: "Basmajian, Shaunt (Canadian). For Nagorno Karabakh. " Catalog Number: 23140

Heading: "Beaulieu, Derek (Canadian). with wax. " Catalog Number: 45682

Heading: "Beaulieu, Derek (Canadian). with wax. " Catalog Number: 45717

Heading: "Ben (French). le nouveau est arrive!. " Catalog Number: 0

Heading: "Bennett, John M.\Editor (American). Visual Poetry in the Avant Writing Collection. " Catalog Number: 69195

Heading: "Bertola, Carla (Canadian). New Writing 1-3. " Catalog Number: 23664

Heading: "Bertola, Carla (Italian). [Calligraphic Exercises]. " Catalog Number: 34215

Heading: "Bondareva, Ariadna Darja (Russian). from the "Apocalyptic Vocabulary. " Catalog Number: 69744

Heading: "Burrus, Harry\Editor (American). Archive for O!!Zone 1997. " Catalog Number: 32034

Heading: "C'est mon dada. No.59/May. [Cornelis Vleeskins (Australian): ah!]. " Catalog Number: 74042

Heading: "corresponDances. No.2/Win. [Tortarugo --Editor (Spanish)]. " Catalog Number: 69771

Heading: "del Barco, Pablo (Spanish). ItinAnArio. " Catalog Number: 49467

Heading: "Depew, Linda --Depew, Wally (American). the black box of poems. " Catalog Number: 72229

Heading: "Florida Artists' Book Prize, 2007: Exhibition Catalogue. " Catalog Number: 0

Heading: "Franticham's Assembling Box. No.6/Aug. [Francis Van Maele --Editor (Belgian)]. " Catalog Number: 74403


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