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Heading: " " Catalog Number: 0

Heading: "Abracadabra [Los Angeles]. No.9/Spr. [Kitty Maryatt --Editor (): Special Calligraphy Issue]. " Catalog Number: 34300

Heading: "Allen, Gwen (American). Artists' Magazines: An Alternative Space for Art. " Catalog Number: 74404

Heading: "Anonymous (British). Artist Gives Magazine a Line on Raising Cash. " Catalog Number: 26741

Heading: "Anonymous (British). [Obituary of Ian Hamilton Finlay]. " Catalog Number: 46815

Heading: "Anonymous (American). Wally Depew Obituary. " Catalog Number: 72490

Heading: "Approches. No.4. [Jean-Francois Bory --Julien Blaine --Editors (French)]. " Catalog Number: 25263

Heading: "Arons, Philip\Editor --Roth, Andrew\Editor (American). in numbers: Serial Publications by Artists Since 1955. " Catalog Number: 71775

Heading: "Art Journaux: Die Kunst der Zeitschrift: Exhibition Catalogue. " Catalog Number: 35544

Heading: "Art Journaux: Die Kunst der Zeitschrift: Extrablatt: Exhibition Catalogue. " Catalog Number: 35670

Heading: "Art Journaux: Die Kunst der Zeitschrift: Extrablatt: Exhibition Catalogue. " Catalog Number: 35671

Heading: "Artforum. Vol.12. No.8/Apr. " Catalog Number: 25394

Heading: "Artforum. Vol.16. No.6/Feb. " Catalog Number: 25393

Heading: "Artforum. Vol.16. No.8/Apr. " Catalog Number: 25406

Heading: "Artforum. Vol.19. No.5/Jan. " Catalog Number: 25398

Heading: "Artforum. Vol.20. No.9/May. " Catalog Number: 25392

Heading: "Artforum. Vol.22. No.5/Jan. " Catalog Number: 25388

Heading: "Artforum. Vol.19. No.2/Oct. " Catalog Number: 25459

Heading: "Artforum. Vol.30. No.3/Nov. " Catalog Number: 26612

Heading: "Artforum. Vol.30. No.5/Jan. " Catalog Number: 26760

Heading: "Artforum. Vol.30. No.8/Apr. " Catalog Number: 26770

Heading: "Artforum. Vol.35. No.3/Nov. " Catalog Number: 28991

Heading: "Arts Magazine. Vol.53. No.3/Nov. " Catalog Number: 25531

Heading: "Arts Magazine. Vol.61. No.10/Jun/Sum. " Catalog Number: 25523

Heading: "Arts Magazine. Vol.62. No.4/Dec. " Catalog Number: 25538


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