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Heading: "Kruger, Barbara (American). Barbara Kruger. " Catalog Number: 72248

Heading: "Lissitzky-Kuppers, Sophie (Russian). El Lissitzky: Maler Architekt Tupograf Fotograf. " Catalog Number: 7024

Heading: "Print. Vol.60. No.4. [The Vivid Word]. " Catalog Number: 47662

Heading: "Spears, Dorothy (American). Resurgent Agitprop in Capital Letters. " Catalog Number: 72559

Heading: "Telingater, Solomon (Russian). Lenin (V.I.) Govorit Il'Ich (Il'Ich Speaks). " Catalog Number: 45564

Heading: "Torres, Edwin (American). The All-Union Day of the Shock Worker. " Catalog Number: 48691


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