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Heading: " " Catalog Number: 0

Heading: "Aballea, Martina (Brazilian). Nerves. " Catalog Number: 26150

Heading: "Adamczewski, Joanna (Polish). Ksiazka i co Dalej: Exhibition Catalogue. " Catalog Number: 26736

Heading: "Afrika (Sergei Bugaev) (Russian). [Rebus Copper Book]. " Catalog Number: 30497

Heading: "Afungusboy (American). The Resurrection. " Catalog Number: 27465

Heading: "Agentzia. No.10. [Julien Blaine (French): Petit Precis d' Erotomanie (Fugue)]. " Catalog Number: 22400

Heading: "Agentzia. No.23. [Michele Perfetti (Italian): Point Poeme]. " Catalog Number: 29232

Heading: "Agentzia. No.21. [Franco Vaccari (Italian): Strip-Street]. " Catalog Number: 29302

Heading: "Agentzia. No.29. [Annalies Klophaus (German): Mot-Couleur-Roman]. " Catalog Number: 29297

Heading: "Aguiar, Fernando (Portuguese). O Dedo. " Catalog Number: 27598

Heading: "Aguiar, Fernando (Portuguese). O Dedo. " Catalog Number: 27599

Heading: "Agullo, Thierry --Hubaut, Joel (French). Tracts Heteroclite. " Catalog Number: 37453

Heading: "Agullo, Thierry --Hubaut, Joel (French). Tracts Heteroclite. " Catalog Number: 37558

Heading: "Aiello, Carmelo --Caruso, Luciano --Magro, Franco --Parentela, Mario (Italian). Le Lamine del Tempio. " Catalog Number: 34187

Heading: "Alexander, Brooke (American). limited edition artists book since 1990: Catalogue. " Catalog Number: 35826

Heading: "Allen, Andrew (American). Ampersand. " Catalog Number: 24976

Heading: "Allen, Andrew (American). Ampersand. " Catalog Number: 46064

Heading: "Allen, Gwen (American). Artists' Magazines: An Alternative Space for Art. " Catalog Number: 74404

Heading: "Altered Page, The: Exhibition Catalogue. " Catalog Number: 26292

Heading: "Amarger, Michel (French). Impressions d'Ailleurs (1987-1992). " Catalog Number: 27068

Heading: "And, Miekal (American). The. " Catalog Number: 25074

Heading: "And, Miekal (American). The Destruction of Mindfuck Diplomacy. " Catalog Number: 26551

Heading: "And, Miekal (American). The (4th Edition). " Catalog Number: 69858

Heading: "Anderson, Hans-Christian --Malutzki, Peter (Danish, German). Die Stopfnadel. " Catalog Number: 26495

Heading: "Andre, Carl (American). Stillanovel. " Catalog Number: 26785


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This joyful documentary speaks volumes about the Archive. With Ruth and Marvin Sackner, Tom Phillips, Johanna Drucker, and Albert DuPont.