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Heading: "Arnaud, Noel (French). Algol. " Catalog Number: 26501

Heading: "Baroni, Vittore (Italian). Chirac's Paint-By-Numbers Apocalypso. " Catalog Number: 24572

Heading: "Baroni, Vittore (Italian). WMI? Membership Piece. " Catalog Number: 24573

Heading: "Bell, Nikki --Langlands, Ben (British). Frozen Sky. " Catalog Number: 37484

Heading: "Bell, Nikki --Langlands, Ben (British). Frozen Sky. " Catalog Number: 42970

Heading: "Claire, Paula (British). Eied?. " Catalog Number: 20452

Heading: "Cristea, Alan\Editor (British). 2007-2008: Catalogue. " Catalog Number: 68389

Heading: "Cutts, Simon (British). O.A.P.T.. " Catalog Number: 19473

Heading: "Economist - Intelligent Life. Vol.4. No.1/ Fall. [Tim De Lisle --Editor (British)]. " Catalog Number: 72618

Heading: "Entwerter/Oder. No.80/Dec. [SMORP: Feel good]. " Catalog Number: 43208

Heading: "Estudio/Velocity. No.2/Jun. " Catalog Number: 14108

Heading: "Experioddicist, The. No.1/May. [Jake Berry --Editor ()]. " Catalog Number: 13783

Heading: "Fahlstrom, Oyvind (Brazilian, Swedish). The Art of Writing (by Antonio Sergio Bessa). " Catalog Number: 70175

Heading: "Fencott, P.C. (British). Cover for Palpi No.8. " Catalog Number: 13110

Heading: "Finlay, Ian Hamilton (Scottish). S.A.C./A.C.G.B./K.G.B.. " Catalog Number: 12642

Heading: "Finlay, Ian Hamilton (Scottish). Scud. " Catalog Number: 12058

Heading: "Finlay, Ian Hamilton --Cutts, Simon (Scottish, British). A.F.V.T.. " Catalog Number: 12203

Heading: "Finlay, Ian Hamilton --Cutts, Simon (Scottish, British). M.F.V.T.. " Catalog Number: 12207

Heading: "Finlay, Ian Hamilton --Cutts, Simon (Scottish, British). O.A.P.T. (Old Age Pensioners Tea). " Catalog Number: 13302

Heading: "Gaaaa!. No.1. " Catalog Number: 10775

Heading: "Gibbs, Michael (British). CIA. " Catalog Number: 41030

Heading: "Hudson, Mike (Australian). Reform: Announcement. " Catalog Number: 43054

Heading: "Human Rites: Exhibition Announcement. " Catalog Number: 72755

Heading: "K.V.P.. No.1/Dec. " Catalog Number: 28936

Heading: "K.V.P.. No.2/Sep. [Ranier Wichering --Harmut Andryczuk --Editors (): Parisiten C.P.I. Parasites]. " Catalog Number: 36161


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This joyful documentary speaks volumes about the Archive. With Ruth and Marvin Sackner, Tom Phillips, Johanna Drucker, and Albert DuPont.